Batman lands in London

Alright so maybe not the actual ACTUAL Batman but you've gotta admit, this is pretty cool.

Whaaaaaaat? So cooooool.

To celebrate The LEGO® Batman Movie, released in UK cinemas this Friday from Warner Bros. Pictures, a giant Batarang consisting of 35,000 LEGO pieces has crash landed into London's Southbank.

Check out this awesome video to see how the awesome team put managed to pull off the whole awesome awesomeness. 

Facts about The LEGO® Batman Movie installation:


· Consists of 35,000 LEGO bricks

· Stands 3 metres tall

· 133:1 scale of a LEGO Minifigure Batarang

· Took 225 man hours to build

· Non-LEGO elements include broken ground effect, smoke and lighting

Bat symbol:

· Consists of 10,000 LEGO bricks making it the largest LEGO Batman Symbol ever

· 100 man hours to build

· The largest ever Batman symbol constructed from LEGO bricks

The installation is live between 8am Wednesday 8th February to 8pm Thursday 9th February at Observation Point, Southbank, 58–72 Upper Ground, Gabriel's Wharf, London, SE1 9LT. It is free to visit. So when you're not busy building your own LEGO, go see it! Batman wants you to take selfies.

Batman loves a selfie. 

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