Hailee Seinfeld talks The Edge of Seventeen

Everything about The Edge of Seventeen is going to make you go, "YAAASS THAT IS ME". This hilarious teen drama stars Hailee Steinfeld as awkward teen Nadine who is literally just trying to survive life. When her best (and only) friend starts dating her brother she just wants the ground to swallow her up and be done with it. 

Here Hailee tells us why being a teenager SUCKS and why you should definitely check out The Edge of Seventeen:

Tell us about the character you play in the film

Nadine is so smart, witty, quick, and feels everything. Most times when characters are hit with a curve ball, they try to cover it up or mask their emotions. But Nadine wears her feelings, her heart and her everything on her sleeve. There’s something so refreshing about seeing someone that feels so much. She’s so desperate for any kind of human connection, it’s amazing to watch her seek that with anyone she possibly can.

How much did you relate personally to Nadine’s life?

I’m 20 years old, so I know almost everything in a teenager’s life is, in such a reasonable way, so blown out of proportion. Every little thing that happens is such a huge event. Everything that happens to Nadine means so much. Everything matters. Everything is so deeply felt. I felt so connected to the story because of how many characters that have something so relatable going on in their lives.

So you’ve been through the same ups and downs?

The script was true to a teenager’s life in the 21st century. I personally have experienced so many of the things written for this character, the writing is so honest and raw. It was a weird vulnerable state going in there and admitting to the similarities to what my friends and I have really experienced. But in reality, I’m very close with my family, so to play a character that feels so completely isolated was really challenging.

The film really focuses on that best friend relationship:

The relationship between Nadine and Krista is the ultimate BFF relationship, if they’re not in the same room, they are likely texting or on the phone or on FaceTime. They’re everything to each other, especially Krista to Nadine. Krista is every person in Nadine’s life that she’s ever wanted. The moment she perceives that Krista is being taken away, it tears Nadine into a million pieces. Even though Krista is with her brother and wants so badly to make it work between all of them, Nadine sees it as her life coming to an end. Unfortunately, she feels her best friend is no longer hers.

What did you love most about the film?

I loved that the script goes so far into the details of this girl’s world, covering everything from how she’s feeling to what she’s wearing. And real conversations between kids in a high school hallway are not always appropriate. The script did an incredible job capturing that.

How would you sum the film up? 

The Edge of Seventeen is a story of a girl trying to find connection and contact with anything and anyone. The most satisfying thing is watching her realize that it’s been there all along.

The Edge of Seventeen is available to download early on 25th March and on DVD 27th March

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