Amazing It Girl competition and FREE book!

Everybody wants to be famous, don’t they …?

Anna’s dad has got engaged to one of the most famous actresses EVER! The paparazzi have moved in and everyone in school (The World) is suddenly watching Anna’s every move! It’s everyone’s dream, right? 

Snort-laugh along with the hilarious misadventures of the world’s most unlikely It Girl, Anna Huntley (and of course, Dog her pet Labrador!) in The It Girl series by Katy Birchall.

If you get yourselves down to WH Smith immediately and pick up the latest issue of We Love Pop you'll get your very own copy of It Girl: Superstar Geek!

But we want to give you more... we’re giving away the next two books plus more prizes worthy of any It Girl to one lucky winner! Ten runners up will win the next two books to complete The It Girl collection!

In Team Awkward Anna is determined to find something that she’s really good at... if everything she does is going to be seen by more than 10 million people. Everyone else seems to have a ‘thing’ – especially the new girl at school, who’s been distracting Connor with their shared love of art. Luckily the school sports day is looming, and Anna is limbering up!

Don't Tell the Bridesmaid is the final book in the series. Preparations for the Wedding of the Century between Anna's dad and super famous actress Helena Montaine are in full swing (all Anna needs to do is escape having to wear the biggest meringue of a bridesmaid dress that EVER existed.) 

And not only that but Anna, her friends and her ACTUAL BOYFRIEND (definitely requires shouting), Connor, are about to go on a school trip in romantic Rome. So as long as Anna can avoid doing something like falling face first in the Trevi Fountain, nothing could spoil this perfect pasta-filled moment. Could it?

So make sure you head to WH Smith to get your FREE copy of The It Girl: Superstar Geek and then head here for our amazing It Girl competition. Good luck!

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