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The world has gone JoJo Siwa crazy and we love it and we want to be a part of it and we want YOU to be there too. So we’ve popped her on the cover. Sound good?



We were lucky enough to sit down with JoJo and chat to her all about new products she has coming out, performing at VidCon, life as a pop star AND her Nickelodeon TV special. All that and she’s just 14! What a star.


Dance Moms alumna Maddie Ziegler may come across as an angelic Ballerina, but we put her to the test to find out if she has any devilish tendencies!


We chat to the lovely ladies of YouTube this issue. Zoe and Tanya give us some tips on how to cope with anxiety, while Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) scrolls back through her Instagram to tell us the gossip behind all the pics. How cute is Darcy?!  


The gifts this issue are SO GOOD that we’ve literally replaced everything we own with these gifts. First up is the peach lip balm ball which smells like a delish smoothie on a summer’s day.



Secondly is our Precious Metals eyeshadow palette which is to die for. You’ll be bronzed for your LIFE when you use these.



Next up in your bag o’ goodies is a set of pineapple sticky notes and a pug pen that even Nala will be jealous of.



Anyone excited for Descendants 2 coming in October? Well we’ve got you a GIANT pull-out poster of the cast as well as a GIANT poster of a space unicorn. Yeah you read that right, a space unicorn.



If you’ve covered your room in our old posters and don’t have any more wall space, never mind - we’ve got 23 mini posters for you. You can put them on your school books, in your locker, on the toilet seat lid, in your mum’s car. Anywhere ya like!



We’re covering all the bases in fashion this month by giving you 10 trends that you can totally rock. From rainbow glitter to pom poms on ERRYTHANG. And you can copy the glam girls of Riverdale with our tips on how to get their hot hairstyles.


If you’re a musical.ly fan you needn’t worry - we’ve got plenty for you too. Max and Harvey tell us what it’s like being twins AND Tessa Bear tells us about the time she tried to eat 100 chicken nuggets. Whaaa?!


Check it all out AND MORE in this month's We Love Pop.

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