America aren't ready for a The Wanted reality show. And Tom Parker eats from bins...

So, yesterday we told you about Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes saving a fan's life, and today we're bringing The Wanted Fanmily back down to earth with a bang, by reporting that Tom eats out of bins. It's just all in a week's work for them.

He's admitted that he sometimes picks leftovers out of rubbish bins when he gets hungry.

Tom told Fuse TV: "Of course I've eaten food from the garbage, who doesn't? It was bagels, I remember. It's not that big a deal, is it?"


Nathan went onto explain that the boys will never turn into divas: "Our riders have probably got smaller as we are less fussy now. It helps with staying down to earth because we don't want to give out an impression that we've become big-headed."

Soooo Tom probably didn't need to go as far as admitting to the whole eating rubbish thing, but whatevs.

They also reckon that America isn't ready for a reality show from them yet. Jay said: "We won't get a TV show because only New York and LA would like us. The rest of America would think we were Satan-worshipping evil b******s."

For the record though guys, the UK so are ready for a TW reality show. We'd watch you eating from bins any day.

tom parker

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