New video: One Direction - Live While We're Young

So One Direction's video for new single Live While We're Young dropped yesterday, after some speccy tech geek leaked it online before its official release. (SHAME ON YOU).

But, on the bright side, that meant we got to see it in all of its amazing glory a few days early.

Obviously all of the boys look outrageously hot. Standard.

Niall with those RayBans and that guitar.

Harry with his bod out.

Louis getting wet in that tight shirt.

Liam with his cute little smile while he's singing.

But, and while we don't usually like to pick favourites, the stand out star for us here has got to be Mr Zayn Malik. We're not sure if it's the new blonde streak in his quiff or what, but something has urged us to rewind to Zayn's bits an embarrassing amount of times now. So we thought we'd share our findings (and favourites) with you.

0.18 - His pile-one face. We don't even want to know what Niall must be doing to him.

one direction live while we're young

0.23 - His first solo. Good god. His voice is as fit as his face.

zayn live while we're young

1.20 - Second solo: "And if we get together, yeah get together, don't let the pictures leave your phone." Amazing.

1.36 - Pointing at/grabbing his crotch.

1.40 – THAT FACE.

live while we're young

2.05 - THIS FACE.

ZAYN live while we're young

2.13 - Another solo. Floppy hair. WET.


zayn wet

The end. Phwoar.

zayn one direction

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