10 reasons why you need the new issue of We Love Pop

The brand new issue of We Love Pop is out in shops now and it’s so awesome that we fall over ever time we look at it, hence us sitting down to write this.

One Direction are on the cover, you may have heard of them, and they’re donning red noses in support of Comic Relief, the charity which their new single One Way Or Another will be raising loadsa money for. WHOOP.

We Love Pop cover

We know you’re already putting on your shoes to run out and grab yourself a copy, but before you do, here are 10 more reasons why this month’s We Love Pop will make your life better. We promise you they’re good’uns.

Nathan Sykes explains why he’s never been on a date and how he managed to massively weird one of his mates out with a dodgy text.

Harry Styles on how is mum and sister treat his new girlfriends.

A poster of Tom Daley looking literally almost naked. It makes us blush, but you’ll love it.

One of the Waterloo Road boys admits he owns a mankini. SAY WHUUT?

Glee’s Sue Sylvester answering your problems. She’ll make you both laugh and cry at the same time.

Union J talking about pretty much everything – including a smelly thong getting thrown at them. BLEUGH.

Louis Tomlinson being sweet about his lurrvely girlfriend Eleanor.

A right proper nose around Amelia Lily’s wardrobe. We love a good nose.

Popstars and their dogs: AAHHHHH.

A big JLS poster… Oh and a Justin Bieber one. And a union J. Oop, and Rita Ora too… oh there’s also Tinnie Tempah. Did we mention the Nathan Sykes poster as well? Oh aaaannnd there’s a super cute one of the Waterloo Road hotties.

AND TONNES MORE COOL STUFF THAT’S REALLY FUNNY. If all that wasn’t enough we give you a present for getting the issue – there’s a nail art kit with some nail wraps in that’ll make your hands look 100% more interesting.

Seriously, you need this mag in your life.

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