Lawson's fighting talk for One Direction, The Wanted & Little Mix

Band of brilliance whose stubbly faces we want to stroke, Lawson, have been nominated for Favourite UK Band in Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2013.  Nice one lads, you’re dead good.

Despite being awesome, great, and all words like that, the lads are up against some stiff competition and will have to fight off One Direction, Little Mix and The Wanted if they want to get their guitar playing fingers on the prize.


So do the boys have any fighting talk for their poppy rivals? Oh we only went and blinkin’ asked ‘em, didn’t we.

“Little Mix couldn’t be involved as we’d never hit a girl, but we’d batter the other lads,” joked Andy Brown, in his lovely scouse accent.

“If it was a fight of instruments we’d win… no innuendo intended!” WE DON’T BELIEVE THAT.

For now though, the boys are putting their instruments away and playing the modest card, as they reckon they don’t stand a chance.

“Arguably two of the biggest bands in the world and the biggest girl band ever? Hmm we’ll say ‘Well done on winning the award!’ We’re lovers not fighters.

“[If we win] we will rub it in their faces, but at the moment…”


Who do you think should be named favourite UK act? Are you our guitar heroes all the way, or do you fancy the chances of Little Mix and the boybands more?

The Kids' Choice Awards will be aired on March 24th. Until then you can vote by visiting

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