Rihanna cuts knee after run in with a heckler

Rihanna is currently in London, doing fabulous things like debuting her River Island collection and partying with the likes of Harry Styles and Cara Delevingne.

But before you start getting full-on life envy, RiRi had a nasty run in with a heckler on the street as she left a party at London’s Box Club on the early hours of Sunday.

Rihanna injures knee

According to TMZ.com a passerby started yelling insults and Rihanna, that included abuse about her boyfriend, Chris Brown. As the abuse got worse he threw a Lucozade bottle at her, and in an attempt to miss it RiRi fell into a shop’s metal grate, cutting her knee.

She was then seen expecting the cut, which thankfully wasn’t bad enough to need any medial attention. PHEW.

We like to imagine that she’s now wearing a plaster customized with her own selfies. That’s what popstars do, right?

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