Cliff Richard wants to duet with One Direction. YES.

Nan’s favourite Sir Cliff Richard has sat down to have a chat with posh mag, The Lady to reveal just what he thinks of today’s young, hip, folk, One Direction.

Despite being the grand old age of 72 and having a penchant for singing The Lord’s Prayer to the tune of Auld Lang Syne (seriously), Sir Cliff reckons that 1D are actually quite smashing.

One Direction

In fact, he’d even being up for a duet with them.

“It was fascinating watching the fast rise to fame of One Direction. For quite a while I didn’t hear their music. I’ve heard One Direction now, and think that … each one of them has a terrific voice, so if they ever decide to do a duet I’m available but not cheap.”

Come on then Hazza, sell your Land Rover and help raise some funds for you and the boys to have a singsong. Oh, and Cliff, we think it’s only fair that you bleach a badger stripe in your hair and get some dodgy tattoos, a la Zayn Malik.

For those of you who can’t quite picture Sir Cliff, here’s a picture of him performing in a jazzy T shirt and blazer.

Cliff Richard

See, he’s well down with the kids.

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