Exclusive interview with CBBC's Jamie Johnson

Listen up football fans! Jamie Johnson will be back on your screens TOMORROW for a second series so we grabbed star of the show, Louis Dunn, for a chat about all things footy.

How much fun was it coming back to do a second series?  

Really fun! It was great to see all the cast and crew again.  

What’s in store for Jamie this time around?  

Jamie returns to school the conquering hero after his exploits against Leon Tibbs to find that all isn’t quite as it should be. There’s also new headmistress called Savage (played by Lucy Speed) who is not afraid to speak her mind and Dillon (played by Patrick Ward) has to deal with some pretty serious stuff. It’s very exciting!  

Have you ever had to deal with school bullies like Dillon? What advice would you give to other kids who are bullied? 

I haven’t, but I would advise other kids to talk to their parents and teachers.  

Who was your favourite guest star of this series and why?  

There have been some great ones, but I really liked doing kick ups with Lenna (who plays Jack) and Jess Clarke (England and Notts County Ladies Footballer).

Had you done any acting before you got this part? 

I was Jesus in the school nativity in year 3 and that’s it really! 

What do your friends at school think of you being on TV?  

I don’t really talk about it and they don’t really mention it, we’re all quite normal really!  

Had you read the books before you auditioned for the part?  

I hadn’t at that point, but I had heard of them as some of my friends had, and since reading them I’m a big fan.  

How much of your week do you spend playing football?  

I train twice a week, play a match on a Saturday and train and play for the school team.  I also have a kick about with my friends as much as I can! I also play other sports in school such as: Basketball, athletics, and table tennis.  

Do you think you’ll carry on acting after this show? 

Football is my first passion and the career I would like to pursue, but I do enjoy acting too.  

Who is your football idol? 

Rashford. I would love him or Ibrahimovic to be on the show.  

When you’re filming, how many times do you have to film something like a goal scene?

I have to film the scene until I score, so it depends. I practice hard, but I do miss sometimes.  

Have you ever accidentally kicked the football into a cameraman or a window?  

Not yet!!  

Which team do you support? 

I support Manchester United and I go to as many home and away games as possible with my family.  

What are your favourite TV shows to watch?  

Match Of The Day is my favourite TV show.

How many keepie uppies can you do?  

The most I have done is 300!  

Jamie Johnson Series 2 starts weekly on CBBC from Wednesday 5th April and will be available to catch-up on BBC iPlayer.

The Jamie Johnson 5 live Football Podcast will be available to download on Wednesdays after Jamie Johnson airs on CBBC.

Check out the Jamie Johnson Twitter and Instagram @jamiejohnsonfc for behind-the-scenes content!

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