Get your hands on the new We Love Pop today!

We’re all about the love this month with the inspiring Ariana Grande gracing our cover! Inside the mag we look at all of the amazing things she does. Do you know HOW many dogs Ari’s adopted?!!



We also have an EXCLUSIVE interview with our favourite (not) pointless blogger: Alfie Deyes! We were desperate for Zalfie to get a new pug puppy as a playmate for Nala and we MIGHT just have convinced him…


There are 20 Harry Potter facts to blow your mind… and here’s an extra one - it’s 20 years since the first Harry Potter book was published. Say whaaaaa?


JoJo with the bow bow has invited you all round to check out her pad. She gives you a personal tour of her house so you can find out where she keeps all of her many many MANY bows.


There are 10 posters for you to choose from to stick up on your bedroom wall. Or you can just use all of them as a replacement for your wallpaper. We’re sure your mum and dad won’t mind seeing Shawn Mendes, Zoella and Ed Sheeran staring back at them!



I bet you can’t WAIT to get your hands on this month’s gifts. We have a really cool disco ball pen to jazz up your homework. And when you’re passing notes at school (come on we all know you do it) you can use your super cute Unicorn Notepad - say hello to your dream notepad! Your third gift is a gorgeous rose gold lip balm. It’s rose scented so you can walk around smelling like a delicious rose bush, what you’ve always wanted.



It’s pop stars aplenty this issue - we’ve got pages ALL about The Tide, The Vamps, Rita Ora, Liam Payne and Ariana! But don’t worry - we’ve not forgotten about your fave YouTubers. We have an exclusive interview with Jake Mitchell over on Newstube as well as a peek at everything that happened at BeautyCon in New York.



Check it all out AND MORE in this month's We Love Pop.

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