Junior Bake Off Final Tonight! Q&A with Nadiya Hussain

Tonight we will finally find out who will be crowned the WINNER of CBBC's Junior Bake Off! Eeek. To celebrate the final of the cake spectacular, we quizzed Nadiya Hussain - winner of GBBO 2015 and judge on Junior Bake Off - on her favourite bakes and how much fun she's had being a judge. Watch out Mary Berry!

How would you describe your role in Junior Bake Off?

Well it's safe to say that being on the other side of the work surfaces is a change. It's tough being a judge when you know what it's like being a contestant. But I think that makes my role as judge all the more interesting. I'm hoping the contestants can relate to me and value our comments. 

Are the kids this year as good as Great British Bake Off contestants?

The kids are incredible. They are not just talented they are extraordinary. Bake off needs to watch out we have a hybrid of bakers in the next generation ready to take our kitchens by storm. 

What do you enjoy the most working on the series?

Working with the bake off team is so much fun. There is a fun and vibrancy about working with a team of people who all love cake as much as I do. It's lovely working with the talented bakers. Most of all it has been such a pleasure and honour to work with the like of Sam Nixon, Mark Rhodes and Allegra McEvedy. 

Can you tell us your signature bake or what you get most asked to bake for family and friends?

My kids and husband are very adventurous and what I bake for them varies all the time. We have a new flavour of the month every week. My extended family however like to stick to what they like so it's always carrot cake where they are involved. 

What do the presenters and Judges do backstage when they are not filming?

Sleep and eat! 

Any disasters with filming where you got the giggles and had to start again?

That's always happening... Lots of stopping and starting. But when we start it's hard to stop giggling. 

Can you describe the atmosphere on set for the first and last day?

The first day is so exciting but you can sense the nerves. But the last day is quite intense and eerily quiet. 

Who has given you the best advice on baking, been your inspiration or someone who encouraged you in the first place?

Paul once said on the show, don't lose your rag! Best advice ever. 

What did you cook at school, and were you a good pupil?

I was one of those annoying kids who always did well at school. I loved studying and loved getting good grades. At school our teacher taught us how to make a sandwich and we had to create our own and so I did a tandoori sandwich and I won 1st prize for tastiest sandwich in the class. 

Who was your favourite teacher and why, and what was your best subject at school?

My favourite subject has to be food studies and child development and my favourite teacher was my domestic science teacher. She was kooky and spontaneous which is what I loved about her. 

Can you name your best moment filming Junior Bake Off?

Seeing the kids for the first time and their reaction.  

How will you watch the show, and will you have cake?

There's always cake and I will watch with my kids and nephews and nieces. 

Would your kids, nieces, nephews be good Junior Bake Off contestants?

They would be. We have a few budding bakers so watch this space. 

Do you think baking should be on the national curriculum and taught in schools?

Absolutely. Baking and cooking are key skills in life. They should be as important as Maths, Science and English. 

Do you bake with your kids, nieces and nephews and how important is it to them to do so?

Always. It’s important to give them the confidence to be in the kitchen to begin with and then allow them freedom to venture out into the kitchen on their own.  

And finally, If you were a cake what would you be?

Chocolate and star anise fondant. Dark on the outside soft and gooey on the inside. 


Uhhh how amazing does that sound? Can you send one into the We Love Pop office by any chance Nadiya...?

Catch the final of Junior Bake Off on CBBC at 5.30pm.

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