Liv and Maddie: Cali Style - interview with Diggie

Liv and Maddie: Cali Style is BACK on our screens. 

If you're obsessed with all things Liv and Maddie you'll be DYING to read this interview with heartthrob Ryan McCartan who plays Diggie... well we won't hold you back any longer. Read and ENJOY.

When did you decide you wanted to be an actor? How did you begin your career?

My sister was always into performing arts, and at the end of a voice lesson one day (I begrudgingly had to go because my parents didn’t want to get a babysitter), her voice teacher asked if I sang. My mother humoured him and let him work with me for a few minutes. What we didn’t know was that he was casting for a show! I got the role, and have been an actor ever since.

What can you tell us about Liv and Maddie - Cali Style any spoilers?

I think Liv and Maddie is brilliantly written. I have massive respect for the writers of the show. Expect the same silly humour and family antics, but in a brand new setting with brand new twists and turns. Of course, I could reveal some spoilers, but what fun is that? You’re going to have to tune in to see!

Is there another character on Liv and Maddie which you would have liked to play?

Not really. I loved being on a twin show and seeing what went in to making one person appear as two. If I really had my preferences, I would have liked to direct an episode, learning how to make that magic happen.

If you had to choose between music and acting – which would it be?

This is such a hard question! I have such a profound but different love for both crafts. If I had to choose, I would say acting, because you have more opportunities to sing as an actor than to act as a singer.

What is your dream role? 

I don’t think my dream role has been written yet. Someday, I’m going to be to on an amazing set with amazing people playing an amazing role, and it’s going to hit me: This is it! That being said, Brad Majors has been a dream role of mine since I was twelve, so the fact that I got to recreate him for Fox’s Rocky Horror Picture Show remake is something I’m still freaking out about.

Who inspires you?

My mother, father, and sister are the three coolest, strongest, and smartest people in my life. I am abundantly blessed to come from a fantastic family. I love and adore them all for different but equal reasons, and all three of them provide me with inspiration and power on a daily basis.

What message and tips would you give to youngsters who dream of being actors or singers?

Don’t fit yourself around your art, fit your art around you. Don’t try to be something you're not. The more specific and specialised you can be, the more successful you’re going to be, and what better way to be specific then to draw from the fundamental core of who you are? Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. The best way to do it is to bring as much of you to the table as you possibly can, because there are plenty of good artists in the world. But no one can do you like you can.

Have you ever received any funny or strange reactions from a fan?

Once, I had a fan stop me and ask me if I was famous. I was really shy about it at the time, so I tried to lie my way out of it and said no. The guy kept pestering me and asking me, saying he knew I was famous and knew he recognised me. Finally he came out and said it: “So you’re telling me you aren’t Ashton Kutcher?” So all that work to avoid someone who actually didn’t know who I was. Definitely taught me a lesson about humility!

Tell us two interesting things that we do not know about you.          

I’m terrified of spiders. If I’m alone in my house and a spider is there, it’s like an hour long process for me to talk myself up to getting rid of it. I’m really good at pretending I’m comfortable in any given situation, but truthfully I’m very shy and occasionally get pretty bad social anxiety.

Name something that makes you happy. There’s not much that doesn’t make me happy. I love food, music, and my beautiful and wonderful friends. I love rock climbing and hiking. I love to help people! I get a huge adrenaline rush from opening up to people and having them open up to me in return.

What are your plans for the future?

 Looking ahead with huge ambitions. I’ll be continuing down the path of film and television. I love telling stories and creating characters. Someday I’ll be on Broadway. I also know someday I’ll tour the world with my music. The idea of traveling to all corners of the planet and singing, laughing and dancing with people makes me giddy with excitement.

Liv and Maddie: Cali Style airs weekdays at 4:30pm on the Disney Channel.

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