Louisa Johnson & the World's Biggest Chocolate Wall

Yes you read that right. Louisa Johnson was THE luckiest gal on Earth when, before Christmas, she got to open the World's Biggest Chocolate Wall.

Can you just imagine going along that wall with your mouth open. No, just us?

Louisa was at the M&M’S® store in London to celebrate the re-opening of the chocolatey wondrousness. Louisa said of the night: “I love chocolate and I’ve been a lifelong fan of M&M’S®, so when they asked me to open the world’s biggest chocolate wall, how could I say no?” Yea we totes get it Louisa.

The store is so gargantuan that it could fit 100 double-decker buses inside. ONE HUNDRED. That's a whole lotta chocolate to purchase. 

Louisa gave an exclusive performance at the store to hundreds of excited M&M’S® fans, as well as creating personalised M&M’S® treats with her signature printed on the chocolate.


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