New issue of We Love Pop: Out now!

How can you make Wednesday just that little bit more interesting? By buying our NEW ISSUE of course which just happens to be OUT NOW!!


Cover girl Zoella gives us her run-down of all things Autumn and as she's basically Queen of Autumn it's pretty much your go-to guide for this festive season.



We have some delightful snaps of a certain Justin Bieber out for a semi-nude stroll... as you do. Can we join you for one of these walks Biebs?


If you love cakes as much as we love cakes then you'll obsessed with the Great British Bake Off just as much as we are. Well, LUCKY YOU because in this issue we have four GBBO recipes that you can easily make at home. Save us a slice!



Plus Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, and Nathan Sykes - ooh we love a good goss about these guys!


We check out Ariana Grande's new squad and try and figure out how we can get an invite to their next bash.


Try our super fun quiz to find out which X Factor judge you are. We know you'll be hoping for Nicole Scherzinger but don't be sad if you get Louis Walsh, he's alright really.


Have a nosy around Zoella's apartment and decide who makes a prettier girl, Caspar Lee or Joe Sugg in this issue's NEWSTUBE.



We've got some tips for you Poke-hunters out there including seven great tricks to help you catch the Pokemon you really want.


We know just how hard it's going to be when Pretty Little Liars ends so we've got a quiz for you to find out what you should tune into next.


We're BURSTING with fashion for you in this issue. An amazing assortment of gorgeous chokers all for under £10, a selection of worm pink clothes (YES WORM), and a whole host of shoes you will just be dying to have.



We count down the 10 time Harry Styles made us melt because look at him. HAZZA WE MISS YOU!


Anna Kendrick is a right good agony aunt on our problems page and solves all your issues. 



We've got all the ususal feature like Cringey McCringeface, Puzzlin', Fashion, Beauty and Finger of Fail.


Plus FREE coffee shop lip balms that smell amaaaazing, a gorgeous unicorn eraser, TWO books by Nicola Yoon (one comes recommended by Zoella yaaayy) and your Bake Off pull-out.


Also posters of Twenty One Pilots, Dan and Phil, Suicide Squad, Pretty Little Liars and Sia!




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