One Direction’s self portraits show secret traits

Have you ever wondered what One Direction think? We mean what they REALLY THINK. *Gets close up to your face, opens eyes really wide*

Well wonder no more wonderers, as an actual psychologist has got the boys to draw self portraits and then analysed them to work out what all their secret and hidden personality traits are. Ooohhh, ahhhh and Freud.

Psychologist lady Jo Hemmings said: “Self-portraits, especially swiftly drawn images like these, rather than detailed artwork, can be one of two things. Sometimes it is to explore and better understand yourself or it may be to express yourself to others – to allow others to see you as you see yourself or as you wish to be seen. Performers who are used to being in the spotlight, like the One Direction boys, will very often reveal their hidden anxieties or underlying personality traits, whatever their public image may be.”

Check out the boys’ drawings and what they really mean.


Zayn Malik self portrsit

“A huge toothy grin and a well-executed and considered image. This is a boy who is at peace with himself and has a clear sense of self. He’s even making a peace sign with his fingers. It reveals that he’s happy being in the band, but sees his role as the mediator if things get tough. Possibly the most serious band member at times, his image also reveals a lot of maturity for a 20 year old.”


Liam Payne self portrait


“He has drawn a cartoon-like image with a big smiley face. This is a boy who sees himself as the comedian of the band, someone who manages to make people smile even when they may feel tired or sad. It reveals childhood issues of his own, which he has successfully overcome and now he has a healthy self-awareness and confidence, and also perceives that his role is the one who uplifts the mood of the band. His big, bold signature also reveals his influential personality.”


“This is so revealing. He has put his name in inverted commas as well as having drawn his signature hairstyle, which has eclipsed every other facial feature. He recognises that his hairstyle makes him the most recognisable member of the band and, while clearly delighted at the attention that it’s brought him, there is also some underlying concern that his popularity is about his image, rather than the talent he really has to offer. That beaming smile, ending in hard lines also indicates a bit of insecurity about this.”


Niall Horan self portrait

“A very basic pic, Niall has managed to exclude his mouth, ears and hair in his self-portrait. This denotes real lack of self-confidence – he neither feels that he really has a right to be listened to or to speak up. While his drawing might seem a bit 'lazy', with so many of its key features not drawn in, he has also missed putting his signature on the picture, so maybe he's feeling a bit vulnerable at the moment and not quite as comfortable in his role as some of the other band members. Perhaps a solo career will beckon for Niall!”

Niall, sweetheart, come here, rest your featureless little head on our shoulders and tell us all your problems. We’ll get you to roar in the mirror or something, to get you feeling fiercer than Beyonce in no time.

Notably Louis Tomlinson wasn’t about to draw himself, he probably just assumes his image is etched on everyone’s minds permanently.

If you want to own these portraits, then oh god guess what, there’s a chance you can. 1D have donated them to awesome youth volunteering charity VInspired and you can bid to win them by paying a visit to this little link here

Is anyone else feeling like a psychiatrist now?

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