The Vamps do We Love Pop's Pop Quiz

As if The Vamps weren’t amazing enough on stage at Radio 1’s Teen Awards, they even gave up some of their precious time to speak to us. So we pounced on them and grilled them for answers in We Love Pop’s Pop Quiz. Here’s what they had to say…

Can you sum up the new album in 3 words?

James: Dance meets Vamps.

Any clues about any of the songs?

Brad: Being angry at a girl’s dad – that’s one of the tracks.

What’s your favourite track number?

Tristan: Well we haven’t actually listed any of them yet but weirdly 6 and 8 always end up being my favourites.

Fave pop star of this year?

James: Hailee Steinfeld

Brad: Dua Lipa

Connor: Chainsmokers

Pop star to watch out for next year?

James: Taylor Swift I’ve heard is pretty good… nah actually New Hope Club who are signed to our label – they’re really nice guys.

Favourite fizzy pop?

James: Coke

Connor: Irn Bru

Brad: Rubicon

Tristan: Sprite

Fave lollipop?

All: Drumsticks.

Go-to snapchat filter?

James: The so so sad one :(

And with that they were swept away, giggling at each other and leaving us with our heart skipping a beat.


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