We Love Pop reader Yasmin interviews Rochelle Humes!

We’re all a little worried that we’ll soon be out of jobs, as We Love Pop reader Yasmin Haywood has interviewed The Saturdays’ Rochelle Humes and it’s awesome. She got Mrs. Humes to open up about baby Marvelle, what her favourite JLS song is and which reality TV show each of The Sats is best suited for.

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Rochelle Humes

Hi Rochelle, firstly everybody wants to know how are you and baby Marvelle?

Hi, we’re good good thank you, yes I have been a little bit ill yesterday but everything is fine.

If The Saturdays could re-create any music video in the world, which would you choose and why?

Well, Mollie loves Britney so I would have to say, Toxic and take one for the team, haha! What is your favourite JLS song? Errrrm that’s a hard one but probably, ‘Love You More’

I love Starbucks as much as The Sats and so I have always wondered, what is your favourite drink from there?

Well I don’t drink tea or coffee, ew I hate it haha, so I would probably have to say Hot Chocolate of a Strawberry Frapp.

If each of The Saturdays had to go on a reality TV show, who do you think would be best on what show?

Well, Mollie used to be a Skier so she would probably do the skating, Dancing on Ice! Frankie said she would try the Jungle. Vanessa said none but I would say she would do Come Dine With Me because lately she has been making loads of stews! Una used to do swimming so she would go for Splash! And finally I would probably have another go at Strictly because it was good when I tried it!

What song makes you the most proud to call it one of your songs?

Ooooh, probably All Fired Up because we always love performing it and the crowd give such a great reception!

How does it feel to know your new track 'What About Us' ft "Sean THE Paul" (as Una would say) which is AMAZING by the way has had such a good reception back in the US but also the UK?

Brilliant! We have had the song for a while now and so we were SO excited to get it out there and the reception of it has been really good everywhere!

Have you and the girls got any more UK or US live shows planned?

We’ve done lots in America lately so now we are focussing on planning a new UK tour now! We are really excited to see the fans!

I love coming to watch The Saturdays on tour, so what is your favourite thing about touring?

My favourite thing about touring is performing every night and seeing so many new faces every day!

Harry Potter or Twilight?

Well even though Frankie LOVES Twilight, I hate both of them haha!

Please can you wish me luck for my physics test tomorrow, hahaha?

Of course, haha!  Good Luck!

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to make this phone call with me, I have been such a huge Sats fan since the start and this has been surreal to talk to you so once again thank you, and I wish you all the best with the promo for your new projects and good luck to you and Marvin with the baby!

My pleasure to speak to you and aw, thank you so so much! Oh and Good Luck for your test tomorrow! Bye!

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