YAAAS. New issue of We Love Pop out now!

Say HELLO to Jaspar in our BRAND SPANKING NEW ISSUE! That’s right, Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee are our cover stars this month. Check out the 20 times they were LITERALLY all of us (except not literally that would be weird).



We have some gorgeous make-up bits for you this month including the limited edition Candy Apple lip paint. We can so imagine Gigi Hadid popping some on before date night with Zayn.



You have the choice of TWO giant pull-out posters. So when you get bored of Pusheen (srsly who could get bored of Pusheen?) you can pop Dan & Phil up on your wall!



We have not one, not two, not three, not…ok this could go on for a while…we have EIGHT PAGES OF LITTLE MIX. You’ll find out fun facts like Leigh-Anne’s weird celebrity crush and what Perrie would buy for Taylor Swift!




Jacqueline Wilson, the incredible author of The Story of Tracy Beaker, gives us a writing masterclass. Take note of all her tips on how to become a world-famous novelist.



Boy band mania has hit us. The Vamps give us their take on everything that happened in 2016 while Drew from The Tide holds a puppy and tells us about his first kiss. DREAMY.


If you’ve got a spare wall in your bedroom, we’ve got it covered… literally. We have a whopping 12 posters for you in this issue including a GORGEY shot of Zoella and one of #siblinggoals Lottie and Louis Tomlinson.


The Haul is filled with yummy treats this issue including an actual giant burger bean bag. Yaa we know.


Finally, we have SO many prizes up for grabs. One of them is an ACTUAL iPad worth £379. Just saying. Enter right now on the website for your chance to win.


Now go forth and READ.


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