It's (meant to be) officially Summer! And even though the weather's been totally rubbish we do have one reason to celebrate our faces off...THE NEW ISSUE!



Our SIX pages of brand spankin' new gossip is back at it again! This month check out what Zayn, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Calvin Harris and Meghan Trainor have been up to. Plus Luke Hemmings tackle the biggest Google questions and way more.


We go behind the scenes with The Vamps at the studio and yes we got to hang with them and yes it was amazing.



We tell you the 10 reasons Ariana should join Taylor's squad so fingers crossed that gets back to them. 


NewsTube is back this month with Zoella news, a new YouTuber column and more goss from Marcus Butler, Alfie Deyes, Sprinks and GloZell


In preperation for the amazingness that is Eurovision we got a really useless guide of Europe from Jake and Joe who are repping the UK this year. It's Lols.


The Emoji Interview returns with the gals of Fifth Harmony and it's a TOTAL must-read. 


Perhaps most exciting is the FREE Justin Bieber pull-out mag. We've got all the chat from the newly-shaved headed one. What's in his head? What does he mean?Is he sorry not sorry? Plus all the secrets from his Purpose tour. YAAASSSS.


Alfie Deyes spills the best Deyes of his life in our new two-part feature and yes, it filled with Zoe and Nala. Hooray!



Ex-EastEnder and current X-Man Ben Hardy took us through all the banter from the set of X-Men and put up with us while we asked some rando questions. He loved it!


You can also get a sneak peek at Caspar Lee's new book with some amazing pages form the man himself .


This Angry Birds answer your reader's problems, yes really. And they're pretty darn good at it too. 


Plus we've got Phwoar, Puzzles, Cute and Crazy and a ton of fashion!



And to top it off we have posters of Justin Bieber, The Kardashians, Meghan Trainor, Alfie Deyes, Nick Jonas, Zoella, A Sloth and an amazing The Vamps poster set!



Plus FREE mag of Justin Bieber, a make-up set, Vimto sweets and The Next Step stickers!