It's Wednesday, Wednesday, gotta get down on the shop to buy...THE NEW ISSUE, which happens to be, OUT NOW!!



This issue is totes Zoella-tastic with the most AMAZE prize eva! A PERSONAL VIDEO MESSAGE FROM THE ACTUAL ZOE SUGG. 



We have a tooooon of goss including EVERYTHING you need to know about Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. Draaammmmaaaaa


Plus Gigi Hadid, 5SOS, Harry Styles, Drake and Tyler Oakley - we're spilling all the beans.



We get Personal with Meghan Trainor as she gets real about trolls, her body, being single and more.


Sprinkle of Glitter, Zoella, Alfie Deyes, Caspar Lee, Grace Helbig, Oli White and more feature in this month's NewsTube. The BEST place for your YouTube chat. Fact.

We've got a chat with Zoella about her new book club and a chnace to win a mega prize! Plus 50% off this month's book. YES PLEASE. 


We count down the 10 time Harry Styles made us melt because look at him. HAZZA WE MISS YOU!


Check out the 12 pages of celeb to colour in - cos who doesn't like a good old colour session? There's Taylor Swift, Zoe Sugg and loads more to choose from!


Charlit Puth faces The Puth, The Whole Puth and Nothing But The Puth and you must guess which of his stories are fact and which are just plain fiction. 

Modern Family and Pitch Perfect's Adam Devine solves your problems this month and he's perfect. Apart from the fact that he can't sing them to us. The dream. 


Plus we've got all the ususal feature like Cringey McCringeface, Puzzlin', Fashion, Beauty and Finger of Fail.


Plus loads of other stuff we just can't be bothered writing down because we are so tired of all this amazingness tbh. 

Plus a FREE travel make-up set with mascara, eyeliner, lip balm and nail varnish, unicorn rubber, Taylor Swift book


Also posters of Meghan Trainor, Harry Styes, The Vamps, Charlie Puth, Cameron Dallas, Ariana Grande and 5SOS!