This has to be in our top three of most exciting days. A because a brand spankin' NEW ISSUE of We Love Pop is OUT NOW! But not just any issue, it's the ALFIE ISSUE!




Alfie Deyes has guest edited this special issue just for you and he is in it more time than we can count!



Old Pointless blog himself chats to us in a beaut interview while he picks out his fave parts of the mag and puts his own spin on them.


He pops up in the Ed's letter (well he edited it), Gossip, Pop Shop, Reviews Round, NewsTube, Fashion, Boyology, Puzzles and much more! Phew, he was busy.


We check out Ariana's mega tour where she floats on a cloud, sings on a piano and stands atop a chandelier. Pretty standard Grande stuff eh?


We chucked in a bunch of goss about Taylor Swift, Olly Murs, Lady Gaga, Kendall and Kylie and The Vamps's new band The Tide. Oo-er.


We introduce to you a fashion trend we can finally get on board with - Hot Mess! Hell yes. Miranda Sings, Lauren Harries and the YouTubers are well up for it.


NewsTube is back! We've bunged in Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee's behind-the-scenes Spongebob larks plus Tyler Oakley's celeb cameos, Miranda's new book and Alfie Deyes official gives NewsTube his stamp of approval! Aces.


We asked a bunch of your fave celebs if blondes really do have more fun and we got some interesting answers from the likes of Perrie Edwards, Cody Simpson, Meghan Trainor and way more.


We have the VERY LAST One Direction gossip featuring Zayn. WHY HAVE YOU DONE THIS TO US? So it's a double whopper of the boys. Wah.


There's a 5SOS page compete with tons of pics of the boys being well silly. Classic 5SOS banter.


We have an exclusive chat with The Vamps about hanging out with them at home. We mean, would there be anything better? No.


Sheldon Cooper aka Jim Parsons chats to us about all things Big Bang Theory. Ever wondered what Shelly would think about Justin Bieber? Well, now you can know.


The Janoskians lads solve your woes and are surprisingly insightful about the lives of teenage girl. Who woulda think it?


And we have a chin wag with Luke Franks and his massive crush on Ariana Grande among other things. He's funny.


PLUS we have a ton of beaut posters of Beyonce, Joe Sugg, Jim Parsons, Taylor Swift, 5SOS, Harry Styles, Nala (yes Zalfie's dogger), Meghan Trainor, Alfie obvs, Carly Rae Jepsen, Conor Maynard and Calvin Harris!


And if that wasn't enough we've chucked in a hair chalk make-up set, two giant posters and some Nanobytes sweets! Yesssss.







Love the We Love Pop team x