Here's a question for you: What is better than the sunny weather, short shorts and pics of the 1D lads sunabthing topless? Errr, the fact that the BRAND NEW ISSUE of We Love Pop is OUT NOW!


Ok so it comes a close tie with a half naked Hazza Styles...



And do we have a beaut issue for you guys! One Direction grace our cover with a must-read 'Do Summer The 1D Way' feature inside (and yes they are topless.)


We chat to Ed Sheeran, Little Mix, Andy Jordan, Demi Lovato and more in some exclusive interviews! 


Those cray-cray Janoskians delve into our wacky Carrier Bag of questions while Elyar Fox answers all your deepest darkest problems.


And have you ever wanted to know who your fave celebs want to be stuck with on a desert island...? Well look no further.


We also have the usual 1D gossip, Finger of Fail, Reviews Round and Phwoar pages for you to feast your eyes on while you get your grubby mitts on your Summer fashion style.


Plus we have a host of insane posters inclusing 5SOS, Joey Essex and FOUR The Vamps collector's set pics! Plus some beaut FREE gifts including some sweet sunnies, 1D stickers and sticker album and some yummy sweets!


Call your Dad NOW. It's imperative he picks this up for you.