The new We Love Pop is on sale today. YES TODAY! And we know we are usually pretty flippin' excited about a new issue but this time we can barely sit down. We have a VERY special one for you this month...are you ready?


We've only gone and given you a ONE DIRECTION SPECIAL ISSUE. Yup.


It's ok, take a minute and come back to us.


The lads grace our cover and the mag is packed with 1D features and a 100% Harry Styles mag. That's right, an extra mag just filled with Harold. Gah!


We are so bloomin' great to you that we have thrown in features such as The Evolution of Harry and How To Stalk Styles. and much much more like a huuuuuge poster of the lads.

There is also The Wanted's last ever interview *sob*, a cheeky Ellie Goulding interview and tons of stuff including Little Mix, R5, The Vamps, MIC and waaaaay more. Frankly, too much to tell you right now so you may as well go grab a copy for yourself.


AAAAAAND if that wasn't enough...check out the FREE gifts we are giving you: A 1D bracelet, 1D charms, a 1D badge, 1D Lovehearts, 1D GIANT posters and an array of 1D stickers! Are we sensing a theme...?