With all these shockers popping out the woodwork recently (Sels and Justin getting back together, Ariana's supposed diva antics and Miley donning a nun's habit and moving to her nearest monastery) we thought we would give you the most shocking moments in pop in  the NEW ISSUE of We Love Pop which it OUT NOW!


Ok so the Miley thing isn't exactly true. But she is on the list a-plenty!



In this issue we really have spoilt you witha beaut 16-page mini 5SOS mag! It's literally PACKED with everything you need or want to know about Calum, Ashton, Luke and Mikey. Amaaaaaaaze.


After we went Loom Band loony, we did some hardcore investigating into the meteoric rise of the boyband bandana - it's everywhere!


We force Union J to delve into the wicked world of the We Love Pop Carrier Bag while we pitted Hollywood hunks Dylan O'Brien and Will Poulter head to head as we grilled them on what makes them scream in the night!


And because you've all begged so much, we bunged a bunch of YouTubers in there...see if you can spot them! And because we are extra nice - we chatted to the Waterloo Road lot about heading back to school.


We grill The Vamps' Tristan on all things girls and tell you what his and many other lads' jeans really say about them. It's hella imformative,


As the weather cools, we have your cooler than cool autumn winter wardrobe sorted. Boom.



Plus we have two GIANT posters of The Fault in Our Stars (our ed Mal is quite the fan!) and BGT Bar's & Melody and a whole host of others like Zayn Malik, Dan Radcliffe, Taylor Swift, 5SOS, The Vamps and more!


And if that wasn't enough we stuck a bunch of free gifts and competitions including a One Direction lucky dip gift (ooooh!), a monster stationery set, some nanobytes sweets and a chance to win a signed copy of Ed Sheeran's book! Yuuuus!


You are more than welcome!


Love the We Love Pop team x