Oh gaaaaaaaaadddddddd the January blues! It's cold, it's rainy and we're back at school/work/whatever. WAH. The only thing we can think of to combat this hideousness of life is THE NEW ISSUE



It's a new year and a new you. We've got a ton of pages on all the inspo you need to be the very best you this year.


You're very favourote stars talk all abut the things that make them, them. Whether it's anxiety, body image or bullies, Meghan Trainor, Ariana Grande, Zoe Sugg and more are telling you their biggest worries. 


Pretty Little Liars is BACK, you guys! And we have just the feture to let you in on the secrets and shocls of Rosewood. We are TOO excited.  


Little Mix are all mixed up as we play a little game with them. Can they remember all the lols thing they've said and just who said them? You NEED to see this. 


Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee are getting downright silly with us and you have a chnace to win their ACTUAL IRL t-shirts. Yes that's right and no they haven't been washed.


Louise Pentland aka Sprinkle of Glitter is here to help you as she gives us her foolproof confidence tips. And man, is she a wise lady! 

We check out the 17 times our fave, Adele, kept it realer than real. She is literally BFF goals. 


Check out our Ask A Boy where Tristan Vamps, Jason Derulo, Charlie Puth and loads more dudes answer our trickiest of questions. 


Fleur East takes some time out from being a super amazing popstar to answer your real-life reader problems. We're here for you!


We've got the PERFECT girls night guide for you and your besties to follow according to some beauties like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Zoe Sugg. Lyf. 

Plus we have the regular pages you love like NewsTube, Gossip, Fashion and a ton more. HOORAY!


And to top it off we have GIANT posters of Ariana Grande and Zoella, pull-out poster of Harry & Niall, Justin Bieber, Little Mix, The Weeknd and Gregg Sulkin and a beaut dino-stationary set.