After the excitment of last month's mahoosive Alfie Deyes takeover issue we thought we'd switch it up a little and get some girly faces on the NEW ISSUE for ya! Enter Taylor, Ariana and Zoella! Our faves.


Oh and it's OUT NOW!



We take you behind-the-scenes of the 2015 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards where a gaggle of your fave celebs got well and truly slimed. But stealing the shows was 5SOS who got that slime all up in the stage. 


We've packed more goss into this issue than Perez Hilton's diary. Meet Ariana Grande's new BF, check out Friday Download's big screen debut, Ed Sheeran's acting career and The Vamps having a LOL at Thorpe Park.


Check out what the 1D lads have been up to sans Zayn. Wow, it still stings.


NewsTube returns with a special mention from the lovely Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee. No biggie. As well as news on Dan & Phil, Mirfanda Sings and Cameron Dallas. Yum!


We asked your fave celebs how the dealt with the hideous monster that is homework so check out what Ashton Irwin, Harry Styles, Shailene Woodley, Meghan Trainor and more did.


Ever wondered what celebs faces look like smushed with cartoons? You haven't?! Well we have...enjoy!


Alfie Deyes is ever present as he delves his YouTubers hand into out weird and wacky Carrier Bag of Questions. 


There is a girl power fest in our Team Awesome special with everyone from Beyonce to Miley Cyrus talking all things girls and how they rule!


Don't have a scooby about this year's Eurovision Song Contest? Well grab our cheat sheet and don't be caught not knowing who the new Conchita is like 2014. Awkies.


Tanya Burr lets us in on all her secrets in a very special feature called The Secret Life of a YouTuber. You won't believe where she had to change her clothes once. Lols.


Summer is here and we have the perfect guide to which sunnies are right for you. Something we struggle with literally every year. Maybe we just don't suit any. Sad face. 


Shawn Mendes talk gurlssssss in Boyology and turns out he might accept your date offer on social media! Best news ever. 


Meghan Trainor solves your problems because she is nice and lovely and knows stuff about stuff. 


And there is a nice-off with Harry Styles versus Ashton Irwin as we finally get down to who is the lovliest of them all. Ashton. Harry. No Ashton. Arrrghhh.


PLUS we have a ton of beaut posters of Niall Horan, Cameron Dallas, Taylor and Meghan, Zayn Malik, Brooklyn Beckham and 5SOS!


And if that wasn't enough we've chucked in a GIANT poster of One Direction, Pitch Perfect 2, lip balm trio, lolly pop and a chance to win over £1000 of prizes.







Love the We Love Pop team x